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Zaranish Khan Criticizes ‘Sindh Murt March’ as an Act of Disrespect in Pakistan

Karachi: Explore actress Zaranish Khan’s strong views on the recent ‘Sindh Murt March’ organized by the transgender community. Discover the controversy surrounding the event, including social media reactions and Zaranish Khan’s outspoken condemnation.

Zaranish Khan Criticizes 'Sindh Murt March' as an Act of Disrespect in Pakistan

Popular actress Zaranish Khan is upset about a recent event called the ‘Sindh Murt March’ organized by the transgender community.

Last month, on Transgender International Day, the Sindh Murt March took place in Shahr-i-Quaid, with many transgender individuals from different cities participating. Notable figures like Zulfiqar Bhutto Jr., transgender leader Bandia Rana, and PPP leader Shehla Raza were also part of the march.

During the ‘Sindh Murt March,’ transgender participants carried signs and banners advocating for their rights, and there were music and dance performances.

A video of the march, featuring a singer in bold attire performing on stage alongside a dancing transgender person, has gone viral on social media. Social media users expressed their displeasure, and actress Zaranish Khan also criticized the march strongly.

Zaranish Khan Criticizes 'Sindh Murt March

Zaranish Khan remarked, “Why create more issues in the country? This is open disrespect.”

It’s important to note that, according to Express News, the Sindh Murt March was organized by a local movement in Sindh dedicated to protecting transgender rights. The aim was to highlight the challenges faced by the transgender community on International Transgender Day.

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This march was the first of its kind in Sindh advocating for transgender rights, attracting a large number of participants from across the region to Karachi.

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