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“X’s Community Notes: Fact-Checking Feature Set to Launch in Pakistan”

“X’s Community Notes: Unveiling in Pakistan! Combat misinformation collaboratively by adding context to posts. Join eligible users in building a more informed world. Be part of the solution. #CommunityNotes #XinPakistan”

Fact-Checking Feature Set to Launch in Pakistan

X, previously known as Twitter, is bringing its Community Notes features to Pakistan soon, according to the South Asia Index. The Community Notes tool, originally launched as Birdwatch in 2021, is designed to check facts. It lets X users provide additional information beneath a post, image, or video to clarify any potential misinformation. The feature gained popularity in 2023 and has expanded to 50 countries with around 133,000 contributors as of November. By the end of December 2023, Community Notes will be available in Pakistan, aiding in the fight against fake news.

According to X’s help center, Community Notes aims to make the world more informed by allowing people on X to work together in adding context to posts that may be misleading. Contributors can leave notes on any post, and if enough contributors from different perspectives find the note helpful, it will be displayed publicly on the post.

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Adding Community Notes is limited to contributors with eligible accounts on the platform. To be eligible, an X user must have been using the social network for over 6 months, not have violated any rules in the past year, and possess a verified phone number with a trusted carrier that is not linked to other Community Notes accounts. Users meeting these criteria are encouraged to contribute in good faith, building understanding and being helpful, even to those with differing opinions. After completing the required form, X will add users to a list of sign-ups and notify them when their account is successfully enrolled in the program.

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