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WASA Duplicate Bill – Check Water WASA Bill Online

You can now easily access your monthly WASA bill online, providing residents in Faisalabad with a convenient way to manage their water and sanitation bills from the comfort of their homes. Through just a few clicks, you can pay your bill, review your billing history, and even download a duplicate bill.

Pay or Check Duplicate WASA bills online in Faisalabad

If you have misplaced your original WASA Lahore Online bill or need to check the latest version of the WASA online bill, the process is straightforward. is a completely free website where you can easily access your WASA bill online. If you don’t receive your monthly bill or misplace it, our WASA Lahore bill tool can be quite helpful.

WASA Faisalabad Duplicate Bill

WASA Faisalabad’s online billing service becomes even more attractive with the option to print a duplicate bill. You only need to recall or locate your 8-digit Account number, as mentioned on your previous WASA bill Online (Pani ka bill). WASA has recently introduced an online bill system that has significantly improved its efficiency, now offering the facility to obtain a WASA Duplicate Bill online.

Check Online

WASA Lahore Online Bill 2024 – Download Duplicate Water Bill

In the following section, you can find your latest bill, its due date, and the total bill amount, including any outstanding charges. You no longer need to spend time and energy traveling to a WASA office to obtain an additional bill; the monthly WASA bill is accessible at any time and from any location.

Check WASA Online Bill

Having a copy of the original invoice can help you avoid potential misunderstandings with the management. To view your bill, simply enter your 8-digit Account ID and submit it online. You can download and print the bill or use it for payment submission at the nearest post office. We offer a step-by-step guide for obtaining your duplicate WASA Lahore bill online on this website. Just enter your 8-digit reference number in the designated field and select “create duplicate bill” from the menu.

Wasa Bill Lahore Check Online:

By pressing CTRL+P, you can easily obtain a duplicate copy of your billing statement. In the case of loss or misplacement, you can effortlessly obtain and download a duplicate WASA Faisalabad bill for future reference. The official website for the WASA Lahore online bill is

Convenient Access to WASA Bills Online in Faisalabad

WASA Bill Online Check Check Bill Online

WASA Lahore online bills can be paid at cash counters of various banks, through your ATM cards, and via online mobile banking. So, why do people prefer online billing? It’s because they are not always at home to receive the bill.

January WASA Duplicate Bill
February WASA Duplicate Bill
March WASA Duplicate Bill
April WASA Duplicate Bill
May WASA Duplicate Bill
June WASA Duplicate Bill
July WASA Duplicate Bill
August WASA Duplicate Bill
September WASA Duplicate Bill
October WASA Duplicate Bill
November WASA Duplicate Bill
December WASA Duplicate Bill

Wasa Bill Online Faisalabad

WASA Lahore Online bills can be paid at cash counters of various banks, through your ATM cards, and via online mobile banking. So, why do people prefer online billing? It’s because they are not always at home to receive the bill.

Wasa Bill Lahore Check Online:

WASA Bill SMS Service:

Experience the convenience of the WASA Bill SMS Service by signing up today! Simply provide your SMS number and account number, and you will receive your monthly water bill via SMS before the due date. To access this SMS invoice service, please visit the official website of WASA Faisalabad.

How to Check Your WASA Faisalabad Bill Online:

To check your WASA Faisalabad bill online, follow these steps:

  1. Click the button provided above.
  2. Enter your 9-digit WASA Account Number.
  3. Your WASA Faisalabad bill will be displayed.
  4. At the top right side of the bill, you will find a “Print this bill” button. Click it to print or save the bill as a PDF.

How to Pay Your WASA Faisalabad Bill Online (FSD):

You can make online payments for your WASA bill in Faisalabad through the following methods:

  1. Mobile Banking: Securely make payments using your mobile banking app.
  2. Jazz Cash: Conveniently pay your bill using the Jazz Cash app.
  3. EasyPaisa App: Utilize the EasyPaisa app for bill payments.
  4. Bank Website: Visit your bank’s website and follow the bill payment instructions.

WASA Faisalabad Helpline:

For any issues related to the water or sewage systems in the city, please do not hesitate to contact the WASA Faisalabad helpline at +92 41 921 0049-50. This helpline is available to address your concerns and provide assistance regarding water and sewerage services.

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