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“Wakhri” by Faryal Mehmood: Defying Stereotypes Nationwide

“Wakhri: One of a Kind” is a thought-provoking film challenging societal norms, inspired by the spirit of Qandeel Baloch. Starring Faryal Mehmood, the movie explores the dynamic world of social media and its impact on strong women in Pakistan. Directed by Iram Parveen Bilal, this empowering story is set to make a significant impact nationwide. Don’t miss the debut performances of Faryal Mehmood and Gulshan Majeed in this intriguing narrative that goes beyond tragedy, aiming to inspire and uplift.


The interesting movie “Wakhri: One of a Kind,” featuring Faryal Mehmood, is getting ready to be shown in theaters all over the country on January 5. This comes after its first showing at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia.

The movie, directed by Iram Parveen Bilal, is inspired by the late Qandeel Baloch. It challenges the stereotypes about women and trans-people in Pakistan. Even though some people criticized the film for its controversial topic, it was well-received at the Red Sea Film Festival.

Faryal Mehmood’s ‘Wakhri’ Set to Challenge Stereotypes in Theaters Nationwide

The government censors in Islamabad have approved the movie, and it will be distributed by Mandviwalla Entertainment in Karachi. “Wakhri” doesn’t focus specifically on the sad ending of Qandeel Baloch’s life but draws inspiration from her spirit and other women challenging traditional beliefs. It’s expected to make a big impact.

Starring Faryal Mehmood and Gulshan Majeed in their first roles, “Wakhri” tells the story of Noor (played by Faryal Mehmood), a young widow trying to raise money for a new girls’ school. Gulshan Majeed plays Gucchi, Noor’s cross-dressing best friend.


The story gets interesting as Noor takes on the bold persona “Wakhri” on social media, challenging societal norms and becoming a viral sensation.

The film is dedicated to all the women who felt forced into the shadows when Qandeel Baloch was killed. It aims to bring them out into the light.

Faryal Mehmood pays tribute to Qandeel Baloch through her performance, aiming to inspire and empower women and minorities in Pakistan.

Check out the trailer here.

Director Iram Parveen Bilal intentionally avoided making a movie solely about Qandeel Baloch’s sad end. She wants “Wakhri” to address broader issues about strong women and how society is affected when they face challenges.

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Bilal worked with Pakistan’s Gender Interactive Alliance and feminist groups to explore the complicated dynamics of social media fame and its impact on society.

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