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Vivo Unveils Global Launch of X100 and X100 Pro Flagship Phones

Explore the latest global release from Vivo – the X100 flagship lineup. Discover cutting-edge features, powerful cameras, and vibrant displays, all wrapped in sleek designs. Dive into the future of mobile technology with Vivo’s innovative devices.

Vivo Unveils Global Launch of X100 and X100 Pro Flagship Phones

Just one month after it was first sold in China, Vivo has now released its new X100 flagship phones to the rest of the world. These phones are very similar to the ones sold in China, but instead of Origin OS, they use Funtouch OS.

Vivo’s Top Phones X100

Both phones use the Dimensity 9300 chip, which has powerful cores. They have the same 6.78-inch 8T LTPO AMOLED screens with a resolution of 1260p. These screens can change how fast they refresh, going from 1 to 120Hz. The brightness of these screens can go up to 3,000 nits, and they have a feature to protect your eyes.

Vivo Unveils Global Launch of X100 and X100

Both phones have fingerprint sensors and 32MP front cameras in a small hole on the screen. They are resistant to dust and water (IP68 certified) and run on Android 14 with Vivo’s Funtouch OS 14. You can get them in two colors: Startrail Blue and Asteroid Black.

 Feature                   Vivo X100               Vivo X100 Pro         
 Operating System          Funtouch OS  Funtouch OS
 Chipset                   Density 9300  Density 9300
 Display                   6.78″ 8T LTPO AMOLED  6.78″ 8T LTPO AMOLED
 Resolution                1260p  1260p
 Refresh Rate              1 to 120Hz  1 to 120Hz
 Brightness                3,000 nits  3,000 nits
 Front Camera               32MP  32MP
 Certification             IP68 (dust/water)  IP68 (dust/water)
 Color Options             Startrail Blue,  Startrail Blue,
                           Asteroid Black  Asteroid Black
 Main Camera (X100 Pro)    50MP IMX989 with  50MP IMX989 with
                           1-inch sensor  1-inch sensor
 Zoom Camera (X100 Pro)    Periscope zoom camera  Periscope zoom camera
 Ultrawide Camera          Not specified  50MP 15mm ultrawide
 Imaging Chip (X100 Pro)   Not specified  6nm V3 imaging chip
 Battery Capacity          Not specified  5,400 mAh
 Wired Charging            Not specified  100W
 Wireless Charging         Not specified  50W

The X100 Pro is special because of its advanced cameras. The main camera is a 50MP IMX989 with a big 1-inch sensor. It also has a unique periscope zoom camera that can zoom in far. This camera is the first mobile zoom to get Zeiss APO certification. The X100 Pro also has a 50MP ultrawide camera and Vivo’s new 6nm V3 imaging chip.

The X100 Pro has a bigger battery than the other model, with a 5,400 mAh battery. It supports fast charging with a wire (100W) and without a wire (50W).

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