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Upcoming Surge in Driving License Fees Across Punjab in January 2024

Discover the latest updates on driving license fees in Punjab! Effective from January 1, 2024, fees are set to increase by a staggering 1000%. Stay informed about the new costs for various license categories and be prepared for the changes ahead. #PunjabTrafficUpdates #DrivingLicenseFees

Upcoming Surge in Driving License Fees Across Punjab in January 2024

The Punjab government is planning to increase the fees for driving licenses by a huge amount, 1000 percent. This change will start from January 1, 2024. The fee for learner’s driving licenses in Punjab used to be 60 rupees for 5 years, but now it will be 500 rupees each year.

For motorcycle licenses, the previous cost of 550 rupees for five years is now reduced to 500 rupees per year. Motorbike rickshaws will also have a yearly cost of 500 rupees, down from 550 rupees for a 5-year lease.

Motorcar-jeep licenses will see a significant increase from 950 rupees for 5 years to 1800 rupees each year. Light transportation, which used to cost 950 rupees a year for five years, will now require an annual payment of 2000 rupees.

Heavy transport, tractor, and commercial tractor licenses will now have yearly payments of 2000, 1000, and 1500 rupees, respectively, instead of a 5-year fee.

The 5-year licensing cost for handicapped people, which was 20 rupees, has been withdrawn to ease the financial burden on this specific category.

Fees for public service vehicles will increase from 450 rupees per year to 1500 rupees per year. Driving license payments for other categories will also see a significant increase, ranging from 100 to 1000 rupees.

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Traffic police officers mention that these fee increases are a surprising 1000% hike after two decades. An advertisement with the new prices will be released soon to make sure the public is aware of the changes.

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