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University of Karachi 2024 Admissions Apply Now!

“Explore diverse undergraduate programs at the University of Karachi for the academic year 2024. Apply online, check eligibility, and discover exciting opportunities in fields like Sports Business Management and more. The deadline for submissions is November 8. Don’t miss your chance for a bright academic future!”

University of Karachi 2024 Admissions Apply Now!

The University of Karachi is now accepting applications for the academic year 2024. If you want to join, you need to take a test. This is for different bachelor’s programs in the morning.

Ku Admission Portal

You can apply for programs like BS, B.Ed (Hons), B.E., Doctor of Pharmacy (morning and evening), Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Visual Studies in the morning.

To apply, visit the official website ( You can find all the details and forms there. The deadline to apply is November 8.

Karachi University Admission 2024

The University also has a new program in Sports Business Management, which is a four-year BS degree.

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You can also apply for other four and five-year programs in various departments. Some examples are Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Computer Science, and more.

For certain programs in Visual Studies, you need to have at least 50 marks in your previous exams. If you have a diploma, you should have at least 60 marks. There will be a test on November 19, and the list of accepted students will be out by December 12.

Karachi University Admission Portal

For the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you need at least 60% marks in certain exams. If you want self-finance or reserved seats, you must pass the entrance test.

The entry test for BS first-year admissions is on November 26. The list of accepted students will be out by December 3. The test will be done by the Karachi University Assessment and Testing Service.

Admissions for open merit BS programs start from December 17.

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