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University of Agriculture Peshawar Hosts Seminar for ‘World Soil Day’

Discover insights on the significance of soil and water for life at the University of Agriculture Peshawar’s seminar on ‘World Soil Day.’ Join us to explore the vital role of these resources in ensuring food security.  University of Agriculture Peshawar Hosts Seminar.

University of Agriculture Peshawar Hosts Seminar for 'World Soil Day'

The University of Agriculture Peshawar and the Directorate General Soil and Conservation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organized a seminar called “Soil and Water a Source of Life” to celebrate ‘World Soil Day.’ The event took place on Wednesday, and Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Jahan Bakht and former Dean Prof. (Rtd) Dr. Riaz Khattak were the chief guest and guest of honor, respectively.

During the seminar, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jahan Bakht highlighted the importance of World Soil Day, emphasizing its crucial role in ensuring food security since human needs come from the soil. He mentioned that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the first province to establish a food security policy.

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Dr. Jahan Bakht expressed concern about increasing soil erosion, the conversion of land into deserts, and the loss of rainwater into drains instead of absorption into the ground. He pointed out that the construction of residential colonies on agricultural lands was decreasing productivity, and collective efforts were necessary to address these issues.

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