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Undergraduate Degree Policies Change: Pakistan Studies No Longer Compulsory

ISLAMABAD: Explore the latest shift in higher education as Pakistan Studies is no longer mandatory for undergraduate degrees. Stay informed about the evolving academic landscape.

Undergraduate Degree Policies Change: Pakistan Studies No Longer Compulsory

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan recently made a big change to its rules for college students. They decided that students no longer have to study Pakistan Studies as a required subject.

Starting in 2023, the new rule will affect students in BA, BSc, and all honors degree programs. This decision has caused reactions from different groups in education. People from the Federation of All Pakistan Academic Staff Association and Dr. Amjad Magsi, the General Secretary of the Punjab University Academic Staff Association, are worried about it.

Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies Were Made Compulsory Subject By The Government Of

They say that Pakistan Studies has been taught in colleges for a long time, and taking it out might upset people about their country. They are asking the HEC to think again and make Pakistan Studies a required subject again for college students.

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However, a spokesperson from the Higher Education Commission says that universities can decide on their own if they want to follow this rule. This means that some colleges might still choose to include Pakistan Studies in their courses, while others might not.

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