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Ufone 4G & Huawei Launch Revolutionary Microwave Super Hub for Efficient Spectrum Use

Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between Ufone 4G and Huawei, unveiling the world’s first Microwave Super Hub solution. Explore how this innovative technology enhances spectral efficiency, improves spectrum reuse, and propels the telecommunications industry toward new heights of efficiency and performance.

Ufone 4G & Huawei Launch Revolutionary Microwave Super Hub for Efficient Spectrum Use

In exciting news, Ufone 4G and Huawei have worked together to introduce a groundbreaking technology called the Microwave Super Hub. This new solution is the first of its kind in the world and highlights Huawei’s clever feature of intelligent dynamic power control at big traffic hub sites.

The idea for the Super Hub came about because of the challenges faced in setting up dense links at hub sites. This was driven by the increasing need for cellular backhaul, the limited spectrum resources available, and the difficulties in getting and maintaining new frequency bands and equipment. These challenges made it hard to reuse spectrum effectively and scale the technology.

The Microwave Super Hub is an advanced solution that greatly improves how efficiently the available radio spectrum is used. It allows the same frequency to be reused with only a 20° separation, which is a huge improvement over the standard 90° separation used in the industry. This means that at aggregation sites, the Super Hub can improve spectrum efficiency by more than four times.

Through careful testing, Ufone 4G and Huawei achieved excellent results with the Super Hub. The solution saved 50% of the spectrum, reduced interference at hub sites by 100%, and maintained all key performance indicators (KPIs) as required by the design.

Jafar Khalid, the Group Chief Technology and Information Officer of PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed confidence in the Super Hub’s capabilities. He mentioned that they are proud to have successfully deployed this innovative solution in their mobile network and believe it will help Ufone 4G meet the increasing demand for mobile backhaul caused by the growing use of data in the industry.

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This strategic deployment of the Super Hub aligns with Ufone 4G’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. They aim to provide top-notch services to their expanding customer base. As the telecommunications landscape evolves, the Super Hub showcases the power of collaboration and innovation, taking the industry to new levels of efficiency and performance.

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