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UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Announces Initiative to Clear Outstanding School Debts

In a significant move aimed at supporting the education of young students, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed has issued a directive to settle all outstanding debts owed by public school students. The directive, as reported by the state-run news agency Wam, will see unpaid dues totaling Dh155 million cleared as part of this initiative.

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Announces Initiative to Clear Outstanding School Debts

Implemented in collaboration with the Emirates Schools Establishment, the initiative will benefit students enrolled in government schools across the country. It encompasses all outstanding debts up to the academic year 2023-2024, providing relief to families burdened by educational expenses.

The announcement underscores the UAE government’s unwavering commitment to promoting access to quality education and easing financial strains on students and their families. By eliminating outstanding debts, the initiative aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to pursue their education without financial barriers.

This proactive step aligns with the UAE’s vision of fostering a knowledge-based economy and nurturing the next generation of leaders. It reflects the government’s dedication to investing in human capital and creating an enabling environment for academic excellence.

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As the initiative takes effect, it is expected to positively impact thousands of students and their families, instilling confidence and motivation to pursue their educational aspirations. Moreover, it reinforces the UAE’s reputation as a progressive nation that prioritizes education as a cornerstone of societal development and progress.

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