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TransPeshawar Extends Metro Bus Service Hours for Ramadan Shopping Rush

In response to the heightened shopping activities during the final days of Ramadan, TransPeshawar has announced temporary adjustments to its schedule, aiming to facilitate citizens’ transportation needs effectively.

TransPeshawar Extends Metro Bus Service Hours for Ramadan Shopping Rush

The city’s main metro bus service will now operate with extended hours, providing commuters with increased accessibility during the evening and night hours. Starting at 7 am daily, the service ensures an early start to accommodate early morning travelers. Additionally, the buses will continue operating until midnight, offering an extended window for people to conveniently commute for their shopping errands.

A spokesperson for TransPeshawar emphasized that this decision reflects the organization’s commitment to serving the community’s needs, particularly during significant events like Ramadan. By extending the bus service hours, TransPeshawar aims to alleviate the transportation burden on citizens, enabling them to engage in their religious and cultural practices with greater ease and convenience.

BRT Peshawar, renowned as a successful mass transit project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has garnered international recognition for its innovative approach. The system includes special buses on the main corridor and feeder routes across the city, ensuring accessibility for residents from all parts of Peshawar.

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Reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of passengers utilize the BRT bus service daily, highlighting its pivotal role in the city’s transportation system and underscoring the importance of these adjustments to meet the evolving needs of the community, especially during significant occasions like Ramadan.

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