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Transgender Students Eligible for Rs 10,000 Stipend

Discover the latest government initiative: transgender students are now eligible for a monthly stipend of Rs 10,000. Learn more about this inclusive support for education.

Transgender Students Eligible for Rs 10,000 Stipend

The government said that transgender students in government schools will now get money every month. They will get 10,000 rupees every month. The Lahore Education Authority decided on this.

Only transgender students in schools can get this money. They will also get 5,000 rupees for transportation. To get the money, students must go to school regularly. They need to be present 80% of the time.

The person in charge at Lahore DEO Secondary Education, near Iqbal, said that special classes for transgender students have been happening for a year. These classes take place at Government Girls High School Barkat Market three days a week. Skilled teachers teach the transgender students.

Transgender students not only get money but also have free schooling. They get free textbooks and food too. If a transgender person registers, they can get scholarship money right away.

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The person in charge also said that if more transgender students register, they will open more schools for them.

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