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Tiles Generating Electricity Through Footsteps

A technology has emerged that allows you to generate electricity from your footsteps. According to reports, a company based in the UK has developed this technology. For this purpose, the company has utilized electromagnetic generators in tiles, which produce electricity from foot movements.

Tiles Generating Electricity Through Footsteps

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This technology was demonstrated at the World Future Energy Conference in the United Arab Emirates. It was revealed by the company at the event that there is an electromagnetic generator beneath each tile, and when you step on it, the generator becomes active due to foot movement. According to the company, this energy can be converted into electricity.

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Although tiles produce very little energy, they can illuminate street lights and charge small devices. In Washington, tiles are being used to illuminate LED lights, while they have also been installed in various locations in the UK. According to officials, the energy generated by walking on tiles can be transferred to batteries or devices.

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The report further states that the aforementioned company is also developing a tile system called Solar Plus, which will combine solar energy with energy generated from footsteps. The company aims to introduce these solar hybrid tiles in the coming year’s hot season.

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