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Advancing Education in Punjab: TALEEM Programme Distributes Tablets to Schools in Ceremony

On Friday, the Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) of the School Education Department (SED) Punjab organized a special event. They gave out computer tablets as part of the Transformation in Access Learning Equity and Education Management (TALEEM) Programme. This is a big step forward for education in Punjab.

Advancing Education in Punjab

The TALEEM Programme is set to span five years, running from January 2022 to December 2026. It consists of five specific components, each carefully planned to make targeted improvements in Punjab’s education sector.

Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) sponsored the event. People who attended included Caretaker Provincial Education Minister Mansoor Qadir, Secretary of SED M. Ahsan Waheed, PD PMIU M. Farooq Rasheed, GPE Country Team Lead Dr. Hoa Tran Ringrose, and Senior Communications Specialist Chantal Rigaud.

Taleem Programme Elevates Punjab Schools PDF Download

During the event, Mansoor Qadir and Dr. Hoa Tran Ringrose helped give out tablets to the CEOs of District Education Authorities (DEAs).

Taleem Programme Elevates Punjab Schools Pdf Urdu

This program aims to provide the latest tablets to about 33,000 elementary schools in Punjab. It will help teachers with Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Students and teachers can use the tablets to access various teaching and learning materials online.

Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024 Result

The main goal is to give advanced tablets to 33,000 elementary schools in Punjab, supporting teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD).

This tablet distribution is a significant moment for Punjab and has the potential to change the region’s education system forever.

Punjab Schools Taleem Program 2024 Registration

This initiative is part of the TALEEM Programme’s broader goals. It aims to improve access and learning at primary and middle levels, promote equity and inclusive education, introduce digital advancements through the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), and bring about a change in mindset through effective communication.

The tablet distribution event shows the commitment of stakeholders to transform Punjab’s education environment.

FBR NNDA Assistant Supervisor Result 2024 Announced

As the tablets reach educators and students, the TALEEM Programme gets closer to achieving its goal of a more accessible, equal, and technologically advanced education system for the province.

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