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Updated Suzuki Mehran Prices in Pakistan as of January 2024

Discover the enduring legacy of the iconic Suzuki Mehran – a compact marvel known for its affordability, robust performance, and nostalgic appeal. Explore its history, fuel efficiency, and available colors, and find the latest prices in local markets or on e-platforms.

Updated Suzuki Mehran Prices in Pakistan as of January 2024

No other hatchback can rival the iconic Suzuki Mehran, renowned for its compact body and sturdy build. The 800cc car stood as the highest-selling small four-wheeler until its discontinuation in 2019, yet its legacy perseveres.

Aspect Details
Introduction Year 1989
Discontinuation Year 2019
Engine Capacity 800cc
Safety Features Limited to safety contraptions
Price at Launch Less than Rs100,000
Discontinuation Price Rs800,000

Originally introduced in 1989 by Pakistan’s oldest automaker, Pak Suzuki, the car was phased out after two decades because Suzuki opted not to upgrade it to meet Euro-IV emission standards.

The Enduring Legacy of Suzuki Mehran: A Compact Icon

Recognized for its affordability, Mehran underwent minimal upgrades, focusing solely on the inclusion of safety features over the years. Despite lacking modern safety measures, the car still dominates the streets in certain parts of the country, fueled by a deep affinity among the people.

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Mehran became the preferred choice due to its robust performance with minimal maintenance requirements, and its compact design facilitated easy navigation through congested routes for daily commuters.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan:

Upon its initial launch, the Suzuki Mehran was priced at less than Rs100,000. However, by 2019, it was discontinued at Rs800,000. In 2024, if you wish to acquire a Mehran, the price ranges from Rs5-15 lacs, depending on the model and condition.

Suzuki Mehran Fuel Efficiency:

It boasts an average of 12-15 kmpl within the city and 16-18 kmpl on highways.

Suzuki Mehran Colors in Pakistan:

Available in Graphite Grey, Solid White, Pearl Red, and Silver.

Suzuki Mehran for Sale:

For the latest prices of Suzuki Mehran, visit local markets or explore e-platforms.

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