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Supreme Court: Lahore High Court Disrupted Elections with One Decision

Discover the latest legal developments in the case of the general election as the Supreme Court questions PTI’s Umair Niazi. Dive into the details of the court’s decision to overturn the Lahore High Court’s verdict, emphasizing the importance of preserving the democratic process.

Supreme Court: Lahore High Court Disrupted Elections with One Decision

The Supreme Court made a six-page decision in the general elections case. They sent a notice to Barrister Umair Niazi from the PTI and asked for an explanation. The court is wondering why Umair Niazi should not be in trouble for disrespecting the court.

Before this, the Lahore High Court stopped the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to hire certain officers for elections. They did this because of a request from Barrister Niazi. But the Supreme Court disagreed with the Lahore High Court and cancelled its decision.

The Supreme Court said clearly in its decision that nobody should disturb the democratic process. The written order said Umair Niazi seemed to be trying to stop the democratic process.

The Lahore High Court had stopped the work of 2,753 officers involved in elections, saying they shouldn’t be appointed from the bureaucracy. The Supreme Court said these officers are already doing administrative work and are not specifically appointed for elections.

The Supreme Court suspended the Lahore High Court’s decision and told them not to do anything more about PTI’s request. The Lahore High Court had created problems in the general elections by stopping the Election Commission’s decision. This decision came from a request by PTI’s Umair Niazi, who was worried about the fairness of the election process.

The Supreme Court cancelled the Lahore High Court’s decision and told the Election Commission to make a schedule for the upcoming general elections. The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Qazi Faez Isa, and two other judges heard the case. They mentioned that an appeal was made against the Lahore High Court’s decision on December 13. Because of this decision, it was not practical to announce the election schedule, according to the lawyer. The Election Commission said it became difficult to conduct elections after the Lahore High Court stopped the appointment of officers for elections.

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