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Supreme Court Decides Women Have the Right to Request Haq Mehr at Any Time

Islamabad: In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court (SC) has decreed that husbands are obligated to pay haq mehr to their wives upon request.

Supreme Court Decides Women Have the Right to Request Haq Mehr at Any Time

The written verdict, issued by the SC, resulted from a plea submitted by Khalid Parvez challenging the provision of Shariah rights for his wife. The three-page verdict was authored by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Justice Qazi Faez Isa۔

The SC, in its written decision, emphasized that the demand for haq mehr is a Shariah requirement protected by Pakistani law. According to the verdict, if the Nikkah does not specify the timing for haq mehr payment, the woman has the right to demand it at any time.

The court noted that this specific case, involving a woman seeking payment following her Shariah rights, reached the Supreme Court after six years. In his written verdict, CJP stated that the complainant persisted in filing pleas against the haq mehr provision in various courts, ultimately bringing the matter to the SC.

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The SC, while dismissing Khalid Parvez’s plea, stated in its judgment that if the complainant had been penalized by lower courts, the case would not have escalated to this level. It is noteworthy that the man was fined Rs100,000 by the SC during the last hearing of the case.

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