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Stars from Pakistan Illuminate the 2023 Red Sea Film Festival

“Dive into the glitz and glamour of the 2023 Red Sea Film Festival with Pakistani stars like Ahad Raza Mir, Mahira Khan, and Humayun Saeed. Explore captivating moments on the red carpet and witness the global recognition of Pakistani talent at this prestigious cinematic event.”

Stars from Pakistan Illuminate the 2023 Red Sea Film Festival

Zarrar Khan’s movie ‘In Flames’ won a big award at a film festival in Jeddah. The festival happened at The Ritz-Carlton in Jeddah, and it was the third time they organized it. Stars from Pakistan became the center of attention, standing next to famous actors from Hollywood and Bollywood.

It was a special moment for Pakistani movies because ‘In Flames,’ made by Zarrar Khan, won the important Golden Yusr Award for Best Feature Film. This achievement brought a lot of attention to Pakistani cinema on the world stage.

Zarrar Khan shared his happiness on Instagram, saying he wishes he could have been at the festival in person. He made a video message saying, “I just found out that we’ve won the main prize at the Red Sea Film Festival. I wish I was there.”

The festival is known for being glamorous, and it attracted big names from Hollywood, Bollywood, and also Lollywood. People like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Michelle Williams, Freida Pinto, Joel Kinnaman, Alia Bhatt, Sofia Vergara, and Baz Luhrmann were there.

Pakistani actors like Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, and Ahad Raza Mir also made a mark at the festival, adding a touch of glamour. Amir Khan, a Pakistani-British boxing champion, and his wife Faryal were there too, making the event more diverse and dynamic. Pictures of Mahira Khan with Andrew Garfield and Humayun Saeed with Nicolas Cage spread on social media, creating a lot of excitement.

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The Pakistani stars mingled easily with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. This showed how Pakistani talent has a global appeal.

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