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Special Flights to Transport Afghan Refugees to London

British authorities have officially unveiled plans to transport a specified number of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to London through dedicated flights as part of their ‘resettlement scheme.’ This initiative is being carried out in collaboration with Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority. Special Flights to Transport Afghan Refugees to London.

Special Flights to Transport Afghan Refugees to London

The decision was formalized during a meeting between a delegation representing the British High Commission and high-ranking officials of the Civil Aviation Authority in Karachi. The delegation from the Civil Aviation Authority, led by Air Commodore (retd) Shahid Qadir, and the British High Commission’s delegation, under the leadership of its political counselor, engaged in discussions regarding the resettlement of Afghan refugees in the United Kingdom and the logistics of operating special flights for their transfer.

UK Collaborates With Pakistan To Transport Afghan Refugees To London

Both parties have reached an agreement to operate 12 flights, commencing from the upcoming week and continuing until the conclusion of December, with the primary purpose of transporting a specific number of Afghan refugees to the United Kingdom.

According to reliable sources, each chartered flight, scheduled to operate once a week, will accommodate approximately 200 Afghan individuals destined for the United Kingdom. The inaugural flight is scheduled to depart for the UK tomorrow at 12:00 PM.

UK plans to initiate special refugee flights to evacuate

It is essential to note that Pakistan has established a November 1 deadline for all lawful immigrants to depart from the country. The British delegation expressed their appreciation for the cooperative efforts of Pakistani institutions and their willingness to facilitate these special flights.

Pakistani Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti, in an announcement made in early October, disclosed that an estimated 1.7 million Afghans are among those subject to compulsory expulsion. He also revealed the formation of a task force responsible for taking action against undocumented immigrants, emphasizing Pakistan’s unique policy of permitting entry even without a passport.

The first of these flights, carrying 200 Afghan refugees, is scheduled to depart from Islamabad to the United Kingdom on Thursday, October 26, with special arrangements made at Islamabad Airport for this purpose.

Pakistan has recently experienced a surge in terrorist attacks, including significant bombings in Mastung and Hangu.

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