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Snowfall Season 2024: Murree Unveils Comprehensive Traffic Strategy

“Discover the charm of Murree during snowfall with efficient traffic management. Our dedicated plan ensures a hassle-free experience, from designated parking spots to emergency helpline support. Explore worry-free as we prioritize your safety and enjoyment in this picturesque destination.”

Snowfall Season 2024: Murree Unveils Comprehensive Traffic Strategy

To make sure there are no problems with lots of tourists coming to Murree when it snows, the traffic police have made a good plan. They don’t let big vehicles come into the city, and they have specific places for cars to park. If there’s an emergency, tourists can call a special helpline at 051-9269200. Some main roads, like Kashmir Point, Mall Road, and Kuldana Road, are only for one-way traffic.

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Also, there are two rooms to control traffic and twelve centers to help visitors. These are all set up to make sure everything goes well with traffic and to take care of the needs of tourists in Murree when it snows.

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