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SmartNet, One Network, and Cybernet Seal Long-Term Fiber Lease Deal

“Discover groundbreaking connectivity with SmartNet, One Network, and Cybernet – the powerful trio revolutionizing technology in Pakistan. From high-speed fiber optics to cutting-edge innovation, we’re shaping the digital future together. Explore the future of smart cities with us!”

SmartNet One Network and Cybernet Seal Long-Term Fiber Lease Deal

SmartNet Private Limited, the technology part of Capital Smart City, is happy to share exciting news. They have officially agreed on a special deal called a Fiber Lease Agreement with their partners, One Network and Cybernet.

This partnership is a big deal because it allows SmartNet to send large amounts of data quickly to Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City, as well as other projects on the highways. This super-fast connection makes Capital Smart City a leader in technology and boosts its abilities in important areas like IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and other advanced technologies.

SmartNet also wants to help Pakistan become more digital by connecting with Silicon Valley and making sure there’s good internet on the highways. They plan to support the Digital Pakistan vision and encourage the export of technology from Pakistan. SmartNet is even creating a special place called an incubation center to help new ideas and businesses grow in the region.

Brig (R) Arshad Kayani, the Chief Technical Officer at SmartNet, said they are very excited to work with their partners, One Network and Cybernet. He explained that this collaboration shows their strong dedication to improving smart and innovative solutions. They want to be ready for the latest communication technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi 6+.

This Fiber Lease Agreement is a big deal because it comes at a time when the highways are becoming more digital, with things like contactless tolls and the use of smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (IoT). This puts One Network, SmartNet, and Cybernet at the forefront of the digital revolution in digital infrastructure and urban development.

Mr. M Shahzad Khalil, the General Manager of Technology, thinks this collaboration will not only improve Capital Smart City but also help with the broader digital transformation in urban development. He believes that together, they will make a big impact on smart cities and set new standards in connectivity, innovation, and sustainability.

This collaboration shows that SmartNet Private Limited, One Network, and Cybernet all share the same vision and commitment to providing top-notch solutions. They believe that this partnership will bring positive and long-lasting changes to the world of technology, showing their dedication to progress and innovation.

SmartNet Private Limited, One Network, and Cybernet together form a strong group, working together to bring advancements in technology and connectivity across Pakistan.

SmartNet Private Limited is the tech backbone of Capital Smart City, which is part of the HRL Group of Companies. Their focus is on creating smart and innovative solutions to improve the technology of Capital Smart City and related projects.

One Network is an important partner in this group, contributing to the Fiber Lease Agreement. They specialize in providing high-quality internet solutions and have developed a new long-distance fiber optic infrastructure along Pakistan’s highways, bringing their expertise and innovation to this big project.

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Cybernet, another key partner, is a well-known player in Pakistan’s telecommunications sector with over 25 years of experience. They have the biggest and strongest fiber optic network in the country and are recognized for their excellent services. Working with One Network, Cybernet is helping to build a fast and widespread fiber network throughout Pakistan. This collaboration through the Fiber Lease Agreement is a big step in changing how we connect and setting new standards in the digital age.

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