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Sindh High Court Eases Financial Burden for Matric and Inter Students

Discover the latest news from the Sindh High Court’s decision to stop educational boards in the province from collecting fees for exams and certificates. Matriculation and intermediate students can now enjoy relief from these charges. Stay informed on education updates and more.

Sindh High Court Eases Financial Burden for Matric and Inter Students

Good news! The Sindh High Court has said that educational boards in the province cannot take money for exams and certificates from matriculation and intermediate students. The court made this decision after rejecting a request from the educational boards to review the order that stopped them from collecting fees.

The court had already decided before that matriculation and intermediate students should not pay for exams and certificates. This decision is in line with the Sindh government’s announcement in 2017 that education up to the intermediate level is free in the province. The government gives money to the educational boards to conduct exams and give certificates to students.

The Assistant Advocate General assured the court that the government would provide the needed funds to the educational boards. However, in Karachi, intermediate students are protesting because they think the marking of their exams is not fair. Many students who didn’t pass are filling out scrutiny forms at the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK).

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Parents are also upset about the exam results, saying they are spending a lot of money on their children’s education. The BIEK charges Rs 400 for each subject’s scrutiny. The education department has set up a committee to look into the issue, and students can submit scrutiny forms until February 12.

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