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Sindh, Balochistan Join Forces To Deport Illegal Immigrants

In Karachi, as the deadline for illegal immigrants to depart the country approaches with just one week remaining, the Sindh government has extended an offer to assist those foreign nationals seeking to return to their country of origin. Many among this group have expressed concerns that returning to Afghanistan would not only expose them to threats from the Taliban but also jeopardize their daughters’ access to education. Sindh, Balochistan Join Forces To Deport Illegal Immigrants.

Sindh, Balochistan join forces to deport illegal immigrants

During a press conference, Haris Nawaz announced that a deadline of October 31 has been established for voluntary departures of illegal residents from the country. He cautioned that strict measures would be taken against unregistered foreign nationals starting from November 1. Waris Sadaat, a refugee from Afghanistan, appealed to the United Nations Agency for Refugees to engage with the Pakistani government and intervene to prevent deportations.

The ongoing operation targets all foreign nationals residing illegally in Pakistan, as highlighted by the Balochistan Information Minister. Media reports from Pakistan indicate that more than 59,560 refugees have been repatriated to Afghanistan since the announcement. Migrants who refuse to return will be subject to arrest and prosecution, reflecting the state’s concerns about illegal residents involved in unlawful activities. Sindh, Balochistan Join Forces To Deport Illegal Immigrants.

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In a meeting with the Afghan Taliban’s Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, Abdul Rahman Rashid, the UNHCR representative in Afghanistan, Leonard Zulu, mentioned that Islamabad had expressed readiness for a trilateral meeting involving Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the UN. Achakzai held discussions with the Sindh Interior Minister to address the issue of illegal foreigners and coordinate efforts for their safe evacuation. Additionally, plans are underway to enhance security along the coastal highway and at entry-exit points.

Afghan Refugees Have 7 Days To Leave Pakistan As Deadline Looms

Pakistan’s decision to repatriate refugees has faced criticism from various human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the United Nations. They have raised concerns about the potential risks to the refugees’ lives upon their return. Achakzai emphasized that the operation against the smuggling of Iranian petroleum products and Afghan goods will continue.

However, starting from November 1, Pakistan’s district administration, police, prosecution, and jail authorities will be granted special powers to arrest and deport illegal Afghan citizens. Sindh, Balochistan Join Forces To Deport Illegal Immigrants.

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