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Shutdown of Islamabad’s Private Medical College Amid Allegations of Counterfeit Degree Scandal

“Discover the closure of Islamabad’s Vanguard Institute due to allegations of distributing fake degrees. The Federal Investigation Agency is taking legal action against the culprits involved in this shocking scandal. Uncover the troubling collaboration exposed in the investigation and the impact on healthcare professionals with fraudulent credentials.”

Shutdown of Islamabad's Private Medical College Amid Allegations of Counterfeit Degree Scandal

The Vanguard Institute of Medical and Sciences in Islamabad is closed because people say they gave fake degrees to healthcare workers. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) says the college is shut down, and they are taking legal action against the people in charge. The FIA is doing more checks to catch the people who did the wrong thing.

The FIA spokesperson says the college and the Pakistan Nursing and Midwifery Council worked together to make fake degrees. Many nurses with these fake degrees were found working in hospitals in the area. The investigation also found a fake agreement linked to PIMS Hospital.

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The list of teachers given by the college is fake, making people doubt if the college is honest. The FIA is working hard to fix this problem and bring those responsible to justice.

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