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Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Join Forces for Coke Studio’s “One Love”

Two emerging talents, Shae Gill from Pakistan and Evdeki Saat from Turkey, have joined forces to release a captivating new song titled “One Love” in collaboration with Coke Studio, the renowned global music platform of Coca-Cola. Saat, an up-and-coming alternative pop artist, gained significant recognition with his 2020 track ‘Uzunlar V1’, which has amassed over 120 million Spotify streams to date. Meanwhile, Shae Gill, a 24-year-old artist who initially gained popularity by singing cover songs on Instagram, is widely known for her global hit “Pasoori”. Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Join Forces for Coke Studio’s “One Love”.

This partnership, as part of Coke Studio’s upcoming season, brings together more than 19 breakthrough artists from around the world. They aim to create music that celebrates the magic of human connection and embraces our diverse cultural backgrounds. Reflecting on the collaborative song, Saat expressed, “As a musician, it’s always thrilling to be part of Coke Studio. The project itself is incredibly exciting. The single from Coke Studio 14 is the most streamed Pakistani song of all time on Spotify, with nearly 600 million views on YouTube.”

Evdeki Saat, known for his alternative pop style, gained widespread recognition with his 2020 hit “Uzunlar V1,” which has garnered over 120 million streams on Spotify. Collaborating on a global scale has been a long-standing aspiration in my music career. To date, the song has been viewed nearly 600 million times on YouTube. Shae Gill, a 24-year-old Pakistani singer, made her mark through cover songs on Instagram before debuting on Coke Studio Pakistan in 2022.

Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Join Forces for Coke Studio's "One Love"

Captivating Collaboration: Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Unite for Coke Studio’s “One Love”

“I always love to connect with other musical cultures,” Gill shared regarding the collaboration. She explained, “The inspiration for the track revolved around themes of romance, new love, and the uninhibited expression of affection.” Her involvement in the global sensation “Pasoori” propelled her career to new heights, making it the most-streamed Pakistani song on Spotify and reaching the top of the global viral chart with nearly 600 million views on YouTube. Shae Gill is not only a remarkable representative of her culture but also a gifted musician and a captivating personality.

Excited about the collaboration, Evdeki Saat expressed his enthusiasm for Coke Studio, stating, “A global collaboration was something I had longed to experience in my music career. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging process of creating this song.” He also added, “Our musical connection felt incredibly meaningful, making this collaboration even more exciting.” Saat shares Gill’s passion for connecting with diverse musical cultures.

Dynamic Duo: Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Join Forces on Coke Studio’s “One Love”

Shae Gill, in reference to the collaboration, expressed her thoughts, saying, “The inspiration for the track was derived from themes of romance, new love, and the open expression of affection.” Collaborating with Saat was a pleasure for Gill, as she described him as a gifted and kind individual. She echoed her desire for global collaborations and her love for connecting with various musical cultures.

In conclusion, the partnership between Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat for the song “One Love” on Coke Studio represents their shared enthusiasm for music, cultural connections, and the exploration of themes of love and romance. Uniting Talents: Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat Combine their Musical Styles for Coke Studio’s “One Love”

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