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Seria prices hit record low due to devaluation of dollar

Discover the latest on sulfur prices! Learn how the recent drop, influenced by currency changes, affects the market. Stay informed on the construction industry’s challenges amidst rising material costs.

Seria prices hit record low due to devaluation of dollar

After the dollar became less valuable compared to the Pakistani currency, the price of a substance called sulfur, used in various industries, has hit a new low. The cost per ton of sulfur has gone down from Rs 305,000 to Rs 245,000.

Currently, the local sulfur is priced at Rs 245,000 per ton in the market, and the branded version is priced between Rs 263,000 and Rs 265,000 per ton.

It’s important to mention that this year; the prices of materials needed for construction have gone up a lot in the whole country.

The elections will be held on February 8 and will be transparent, said the caretaker prime minister

This increase has put a lot of pressure on the construction industry, and the prices of gravel and cement, which are used in buildings, have also gone up significantly.

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