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Schools Resume in Islamabad after Winter Break, Decision Pending in Punjab

Stay informed on school reopenings in Islamabad and Punjab amidst winter conditions. Get the latest updates on adjusted timings, fake notifications, and potential extensions. Your source for clear, concise education news in easy English.

Schools Resume in Islamabad after Winter Break, Decision Pending in Punjab

In Islamabad, all schools have reopened after a three-week winter break. The winter timings have been adjusted for this period. In Punjab, however, the decision to reopen schools is still uncertain due to dense fog, smog, and cold weather.

On Sunday, there was confusion among parents, students, and teachers when a fake notification claimed an extension of winter vacations in the federal capital until January 16. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training clarified that all educational institutions in Islamabad Capital Territory would resume classes on Monday, January 8, as originally planned.

Last month, the ministry had initially announced winter vacation from December 24 to 31, but due to severe weather conditions, the break was extended until January 7. Schools under the Federal Directorate of Education reopened on Monday with adjusted winter timings from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.


Winter Vacations Extended Till 15 January

In Punjab, schools are scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, January 10, after an extended winter break. Despite the government’s earlier extension of winter vacations until January 9, citizens are urging for another extension due to dense fog and extreme cold.

Punjab School Holidays Notification 2024

Winter Vacation in Punjab 2024 Geo News Today

The Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has clarified that no decision has been made regarding further extension, but additional holidays may be considered based on the education department’s suggestions. Concerns have been raised about the increasing smog levels, especially in Lahore and other cities, leading to poor air quality.

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