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School-Based Assessment 2024 Download Pdf

The PEC School-Based Assessment 2024 is scheduled to begin on March 7, 2024. Students in Punjab from Grades 3 to 8 can download the 2nd Term School Based Assessment papers in English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science from The assessment will cover various subjects, and the Second term papers in PDF format are available for download for students in grades 1 to 8.

PEC School-Based Assessment 2024 – Coming Soon

To ensure effective conduct of the assessment, PEC has recently announced a course for teachers. All teachers in the Punjab district are expected to participate in the course on how to carry out this assessment successfully.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Details

Assessment Name  School-Based Assessment 2024 (SBA 2024)
Department  School Education Department (SED)
Paper Provider  Punjab Examination Commission (PEC)
Grades  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Assessment Subjects  English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge (GK), Islamiat, Ethics, Nazra Quran, Computer Science, and Social Studies
Paper Format  PDF
Answer Keys  Available for all subjects
Schedule  March 2023 at 10: 00 AM

PEC School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 6 7 8

School-based assessment papers for the third term (final) in PDF format are now available for download for grades 1 to 8. The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is set to conduct the annual examinations for both public and private schools through School-Based Assessment (SBA). All assessment papers, including the item bank with login details, are accessible along with the subjects’ papers.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Answers

To facilitate the successful implementation of this assessment, PEC recently initiated teacher training for the Large Scale Assessment (LSA). District Punjab teachers are currently undergoing this training.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Pdf

Before the commencement of the SBA, the Government of Punjab’s School Education Department will conduct the Large Scale Assessment in February 2024. Only selected schools will participate in this assessment, and after its completion, the SBA will commence within a week.

School-Based Assessment 2023 Grade 9

Assessment papers from grades 2 to 8, provided by the PEC item bank in both Urdu and English mediums, are available in PDF format. School-Based Assessment 2023 Grade 9.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8

These papers include Objective (Paper A – Multiple Choice Questions) and Subjective (Paper B) sections, with various versions (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) and corresponding answer keys.  School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8.

School-based Assessment Urdu Keys

Urdu Objective Paper Click Here
Urdu Subjective Paper Click Here

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 7

Additionally, Nazra Quran & Tarjamt-ul-Quran oral papers with answer keys are also downloadable. School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 7.

SBA Assessment 2024 Islamiyat Keys

Islamiat Objective Paper Click Here
Islamiat Subjective Paper Click Here

School-Based Assessment 2024

The Punjab Examination Commission, operating under the supervision of the Punjab School Education Department, will conduct the Assessment 2024 in all schools across the Punjab district in March 2024. The date sheet and timing of the papers will be issued by the PEC soon.

SBA Ethics/Social Studies

Social Studies Paper A Click Here
Social Studies Paper B Click Here

Grade 8 Assessment Papers Final Term

All subject papers are available in both Urdu and English mediums, while the Nazra Quran paper is oral.

SBA Assessment 2024 Holy Quran Keys

Teaching Holy Quran Objective Paper Click Here
Teaching Holy Quran Subjective Paper Click Here

Server links for LSA & SBA examinations have already been provided by PEC for school headmasters to access the item bank using the login details. School-based assessment papers for class 8 in English, Urdu, General Science, Mathematics, Computer, Social Studies, Islamiat, and Nazra Quran, along with answer keys, are available in PDF.

7th Class Final Exam Papers Final Term

Elementary school headteachers and students can download assessment papers for the annual examination 2024 from the provided table. These files cover English, Urdu, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computer, Islamiat, and Nazra Quran papers in PDF format, with answer keys included.

School-based Assessment 2024 English Keys

Computer A Click Here
Computer  B Click Here

6th Class SBA Papers 2024 Third Term

Grade 6 school-based assessment papers for all subjects (Urdu, English, Science, Math, Computer, Islamiat, Social Studies, and Nazra Quran) in both English and Urdu mediums are also available for download in PDF format. The papers include all versions (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J), with the first part focusing on the Objective (Paper A) and the second part on the Subjective (Paper B).

Grade 5 SBA Papers 2024 All Subjects Term 3

Download grade 5 school-based assessment papers for 2024 for all subjects in PDF, complete with answer keys. These PEC papers have been compiled from the item bank for the annual examination in all schools across the Punjab province in Pakistan.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Result

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) will initiate assessments for Grade 5 students in Punjab, Pakistan, starting in March 2024. The assessment covers subjects such as Urdu, English, Mathematics, Science, Islamiat or Ethics, Nazra, and Social Studies.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Pdf Download Now

Grade 1,2, 3, and 4 SBA Papers 2024

PEC Grade SBA (School Based Assessment) is a novel assessment system for students in grades 1 to 4 of primary schools in Punjab, Pakistan. PEC provides preparation material, including past papers and model papers, to aid students in preparing for this assessment. The written examination consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as well as long and short questions derived from the Punjab textbook curriculum. Students must achieve a minimum score of 33% in each subject to pass this assessment exam.

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