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Saudi Pro League Trims Player Participation

“Explore the latest football developments in Saudi Arabia! SAFF and SPL announce player roster changes for the upcoming season, focusing on youth development and enhancing the league experience. Stay updated on the exciting transformations in Saudi football.”

Saudi Pro League Trims Player Participation

The Saudi Arabia Football Federation (SAFF) and the Saudi Pro League (SPL) said on Friday, December 29, 2023, that they changed the rules for football clubs in the country’s top division. Now, each club can have 25 players instead of 30.

Out of these 25 players, each club can choose 10 players who are not from Saudi Arabia. These new rules will start from the 2024-2025 season, so the current season will follow the old rules.

The new rules say that eight foreign players born before 2003 and two foreign players born in 2003 or later can be part of the squad. This is done to help the development of young players in the league.

Every club must have at least one professional player born in Saudi Arabia, but they must be born in 1998 or later.

During a match, each team in the SPL can have a maximum of eight players who are not from Saudi Arabia in their squad. This rule doesn’t apply to matches in the King’s Cup and the Saudi Super Cup, where all non-Saudi players in the club can play.

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These changes were decided after talking with clubs, the Saudi national teams’ management, and the SAFF technical director.

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