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Saudi Arabia Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2024

Saudi Arabia’s visa fees vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for, including the Saudi Arabia Work Visa. For the year 2024, the optimal choice for individuals who frequently travel to Saudi Arabia for business or visit purposes is to acquire a one-year multiple-entry visit visa. In 2024, the price of a Saudi Arabia work visa in Pakistan is set at Rs. 55,000. Additionally, there is a fee structure for a 3-month Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia Visa Fees

It’s important to note that Saudi Arabia offers different visa types for Pakistani citizens, each with its fee structure. These visas are not only beneficial for business or visit purposes but are also useful for performing Umrah. Individuals applying for Saudi Arabia visas from Pakistan can find detailed information about the fees and application process on the Pakistan Online Visa platform

Saudi Arabia Jobs For Pakistani 2024

Title: Saudi Arabia Work Visa Fee
Age Limit: Minimum 19 Years
Vacancies: Multiple
Saudi Arabia Air Flight Ticket From Pakistan starting at PKR 60709.23
Get Visa: Click Here to Apply Online
Jobs Type: Residence/Part-Time

Therefore, it is crucial for those considering living and working in Saudi Arabia to understand the process of obtaining a Saudi work visa and residency permit.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Price in Pakistan

Below, we have compiled comprehensive information on how to obtain your Saudi work visa. The good news is that the government has reduced the prices for Saudi Arabia visas for Pakistan. You can now access detailed information on Saudi Arabia visa fees, including those for work, business, study, visitor, family, settlement, transit, permanent residence, temporary residence, and professional visas.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Price in Pakistan

Work Visa Saudi Arabia Price

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to check the official Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate website or consult with authorized visa service providers. These resources will provide you with the necessary details for a successful application process and help you navigate the specific requirements for the type of visa you are seeking.

Saudi Arabia Visa From Pakistan 2024

Saudi Arabia boasts a diverse landscape with ancient cities and vast deserts. As a prominent employer of semi-skilled and unskilled Indian workers, Saudi Arabia has implemented a skill verification exam for employment visa approvals in India. Now, you can swiftly obtain any Saudi Arabian visa by providing a copy of your passport. The streamlined process for obtaining Saudi Arabian visas has facilitated quicker and more efficient visa approvals for individuals wishing to travel to or work in the country.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa 2024

Saudi Arabia remains a top destination for thousands of visitors each year, particularly for Muslims visiting the holy cities of Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah and Hajj. This Skill Verification Program (SVP) test, initially mandatory for specific job categories, is set to be gradually implemented across all professions. We are here to assist you in obtaining your Saudi Arabian single-entry or multiple-entry visas. Details regarding the Saudi Arabia visit visa price in Pakistan for 2024 and the application procedure are provided below.

Work Visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan

Pakistani citizens can avail themselves of Saudi Arabia visas at highly competitive rates for both single and multiple entries.

 All Country Visa Price List

In this detailed discussion, we will delve into the various Saudi Arabia visa fees applicable to Pakistanis.

 Afghanistan Visa Price in Pakistan

The costs are quite reasonable, allowing you to travel to Saudi Arabia as many times as you desire.

 How Much Is the Visa Fee for Pakistan?

The specific visa fees for Pakistan depend on the type of visa, such as work visas or visit visas, and whether they are for single or multiple entries. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to check the official Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate website or consult with authorized visa service providers.

Commonly Spain Visa Fees Can Be:

The standard fees for Spain visas are typically as follows:

  • – Saudi Arabia Work Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Business Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Study Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Family Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Settlement Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Transit Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Permanent Residence Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Temporary Residence Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Professional Visa Fees
  • – Saudi Arabia Religious Visa Fees

Obtain a One-Year Multiple Entry Visa for Saudi Arabia

Escape the hassle of repetitive visa applications with the ideal solution for individuals who frequently visit Saudi Arabia for both business and leisure. Secure a one-year multiple entry visa for Saudi Arabia, which is also highly advantageous for performing Umrah. The visa comes at a very reasonable cost, granting you the flexibility to travel to Saudi Arabia as often as you desire.

Processing typically takes just seven days.

Price: 250,000/-

(Inclusive of Etimad Fee)

Rest assured, there are no concealed charges.

Quick Facts about Saudi Arabia

Fact Information
Visa Required Yes
Popular Visa Types – Business Visa<br>- Employee Visa<br>- Tourist Visa<br>- Umrah/Hajj Visa
Visa Processing Time 5 Working Days
Apply for Visa Yes
Visa Fee 1500 SAR (according to Visa conditions)
Travel Insurance Yes

How can I get a Saudi Arabia Visa from Pakistan?

To obtain a Saudi Arabia visa from Pakistan, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website for Saudi Arabia Visa:

Access the official website dedicated to Saudi Arabia visas and log in to your account.

  1. Schedule an Appointment and Select Your Country:

Once logged in, navigate to the “Schedule Appointment” section and choose your country as Pakistan.

  1. Choose the Saudi Arabia Embassy and Select Visa Type:

From the available options, select “Embassy Saudi Arabia” as your chosen embassy, and then choose the type of visa you wish to obtain.

  1. Complete the Application Form:

Fill in all the required information as requested in the online application form. Ensure that all the details are written in CAPITAL LETTERS to facilitate the processing of your application.

  1. Print the Application Form:

After completing the application form, print it out. You will need to bring this printed application form with you to the embassy.

  1. Gather the Required Documents:

Prepare all the necessary documents that are required for your visa application. Ensure you have all the supporting documentation as specified by the embassy.

  1. Attend the Embassy Appointment:

On the scheduled day, take all your documents and the printed application form with you to the embassy for the appointment. It’s essential to arrive on time.

  1. Biometric Impressions:

During your appointment at the Visa Service Center, you will be required to provide your biometric impressions as part of the visa application process.

“How can I monitor the status of my visa application for Saudi Arabia?

To track the progress of your visa application, you should visit the official website of the Saudi embassy. Here are the steps to track your visa application:

  1. Provide your Reference Number or Enjaz Number, as indicated on your receipt.
  2. Enter your Date of Birth, complete the Captcha verification, and then click the Submit button.”

Saudi Arabia Visa Price in Pakistan 2024

Type of Visa Processing Time Visa Fee
1-Year Multiple Entry 7 Working Days PKR 250,000
Umrah visa for USA, Canada, Europe 3 Working Days PKR 50,000

Various Types of Saudi Arabia Visas Available for Pakistani Nationals

  1. Business Visa
  2. Employee Visa
  3. Tourist Visa
  4. Umrah Visa
  5. Hajj Visa

Significance of Enjaz Registration

Enjaz registration is a compulsory requirement for all travelers entering Saudi Arabia. Tourists are obligated to undergo the Enjaz registration procedure facilitated by the Visa Service Center staff. Applicants must furnish accurate information as requested during the registration process.”

Required Documents for a Saudi Arabia Visa from Pakistan

  1. An original passport with a minimum validity of 8 months, and should have at least two empty visa pages for visa issuance.
  2. A return ticket must be included with your application for Umrah visa approval.
  3. A confirmed hotel booking receipt.
  4. Four passport-sized photographs with a blue background.
  5. For children and infants, including their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and B-form.
  6. Fingerprint recognition of your ID is a new requirement imposed by the Saudi government for visa processing.
  7. Proof of lodging.

Business Visa Requirements for Pakistani Nationals Visiting Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Business Visa is intended for entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking to explore opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This visa category does not necessitate an invitation and is primarily intended for C-level executives and established businesspersons.

Key Details:

  • Visa Validity: 12 months
  • Family Inclusion: Businessmen may also have the option to include their spouses, children, and other family members on this visa.

Required Documents:

  1. Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  2. Two passport-sized photographs.
  3. A completed visa application form to be submitted to the embassy.”

Visa Application Process

The effort required to obtain a Saudi Arabia visa from Pakistan depends on the type of visa you intend to apply for when visiting Saudi Arabia. If your purpose is business or tourism, the application process can be somewhat challenging. However, if you plan to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah or Hajj events, the visa application process is relatively straightforward.

Physical Presence Required When Embassy Calls for Visa Application

When applying for a Saudi Arabia visa from Pakistan and the embassy requests your presence, it is mandatory to visit the embassy in person.

Saudi Arabia Visa Processing Time from Pakistan

The Saudi Arabian embassy typically takes 5 working days to thoroughly process all types of visa applications and verify your documents. Once this processing period is complete, you will be eligible to receive your visa for Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia Embassy In Pakistan Visa Requirements Contact Number

Address: No. 14, North Service Road, Diplomatic Enclave, G-4, Islamabad
Phone Number: 0092512600900
Another Phone Number: 0092512600901
Official Website:

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