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Saudi Arabia Enforces Biometric Registration for Foreign Workers’ Family Members

Discover the latest updates from Saudi Arabia, including new fingerprint registration requirements for expatriates and innovative visa options. Stay informed on important regulations and contribute to the vibrant expat community shaping Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscape.

Saudi Arabia Enforces Biometric Registration for Foreign Workers' Family Members

The Saudi Arabian General Directorate of Passports (GDP) has made a new rule. It says that all people from other countries living in Saudi Arabia must now register the fingerprints of their family members who are six years old or older. This rule is important for safety, and it starts right away.

The GDP wants everyone to follow this rule so that they can easily talk to the authorities and do important things without problems. If you want to get help from the government or get official papers, you must register the fingerprints of your family members.

The GDP says that following this rule is very important for people from other countries. They want everyone to do this to make sure things go smoothly in their daily lives.

Saudi authorities have also made new visa options for people from other countries. These visas give more flexibility and make things easier for them.

Now, if you have to leave Saudi Arabia and come back, you can do that until your visa expires. The GDP has also made it easy for people to extend their visas online while they are outside Saudi Arabia. They can use the Absher platform or Muqeem portal and pay fees online.

If you want to apply for a visa to leave and come back, or if you want to leave for good, make sure your passport has at least 90 days left for the first case and 60 days for the second. This is important for things to go smoothly, and you should keep your travel documents up to date.

Saudi Arabia has many people from other countries. They play a big role in the country’s economy and society. Recent information from the Saudi General Authority for Statistics shows that about 41.5% of the total population of 32.2 million are from other countries.

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Most of these people are from Asia. The largest groups are from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. There are also many people from Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines, and Syria in Saudi Arabia.

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