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Rising Consumer Concerns: New Peaks in Onion, Wheat Flour, and Sugar Prices

Navigating economic challenges as prices soar for everyday essentials like onions, wheat flour, and sugar. Learn about the factors behind the increases and the potential impacts on the middle class in this concise summary.

Rising Consumer Concerns: New Peaks in Onion, Wheat Flour, and Sugar Prices

In the current difficult times for the economy, the prices of things like wheat flour, onions, and sugar are making life harder for the middle class.

Onions, which are a common item in many homes, now cost between Rs. 200-220 per kg, up from Rs. 150-180 per kg last week. This is a big increase from Rs. 120-150 per kg two weeks ago. Sellers say this happened because more onions are being sent to other countries.

The President of Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market, Haji Shajahan, said that the price for sellers went up to Rs. 7,000 per 40kg from Rs. 4,500-5,000. This was because India stopped sending onions to other countries until March 2024. Although the price for sellers went back down to Rs. 5,500-6,000 per 40kg because there are more onions available locally, it’s not clear what will happen in the future.

The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan closing also stopped onions from coming in, which made prices in Pakistan go up even more. People worry that Afghanistan and Iran might send their onions to other countries that usually get onions from India.

Flour prices for types like no.2.5 and fine/maida are now Rs. 127 and Rs. 140 per kg, up from Rs. 122 and Rs. 135. This is because Russian wheat is coming in late. Aamir Chaudhry, who leads the Pakistan Flour Mills Association in Sindh, said the price of Russian wheat at the port went up to Rs. 10,800 per 100 kg bag from Rs. 10,300 last week.

In the Tariq Road area, a shop owner mentioned that branded chakki and fine flour now cost Rs. 158 and Rs. 152 per kg, compared to Rs. 154 and Rs. 148 on December 1. The prices were even lower at Rs. 150 and Rs. 144 per kg on November 16.

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Rauf Ibrahim, who is in charge of KWGA, said that wholesale sugar prices went up by Rs. 15 per kg, reaching Rs. 131 in the last four days. This happened because people think sugar millers might be allowed to send sugar to other countries.

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