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Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Motorways: Partnership Signed to Enhance IT Operations

In a significant milestone for Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure, a groundbreaking partnership has been forged to revolutionize IT operations on the nation’s motorways. This collaboration aims to elevate the efficiency of One Network operations and road automation services, with IOTA Solutions at the forefront of delivering these advancements.

Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Motorways: Partnership Signed to Enhance IT Operations

Representatives from both companies gathered at the signing event, emphasizing the importance of this strategic collaboration.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Managed Services Partnership: The partnership involves a Contract Signing establishing a managed services framework. Leveraging the multi-tenant capabilities of the IOTA Solution portfolio, the partners aim to offer services to multiple customers from their centralized ITS Operations and Command Centre (OCC). As part of this initiative, One Network upgrades its existing Unified Monitoring Solution, Trace9®, to version 4.0. This advanced platform enables comprehensive monitoring and response management of the entire IT infrastructure, spanning physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. By embracing digital transformation and leveraging technologies like IoT, Automation, Machine Learning, and AI, One Network’s operations have become proactive and efficient, achieving zero downtime across the motorways.
  2. Real-Time Monitoring & Ticketing with a Single Pane of Glass: Trace9® monitors all critical services delivered by One Network, including M-TAG Toll Collection, Road Surveillance, Video Tolling, etc. The underlying IT infrastructure is monitored in real-time in a single pane of glass, allowing One Network to address potential issues proactively and efficiently.

Hassan Khan, CEO at IOTA Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are honored to partner with ONPL in their digital transformational journey from the start. This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to shape the future of road infrastructure management through cutting-edge technology and proactive monitoring.”

Fatima Anila, Head of Business (Network & Fintech Integrations), commented on the significance of the partnership, saying, “With the adoption of Trace9®, we are poised to further elevate our operations and deliver unparalleled service to motorway commuters in Pakistan with zero downtime 24/7 in the Toll Lanes. This enabled us to give Pakistan the first ever human-less, fully automated M-Tag Express Lanes and seamless automated toll collection on the go. Establishing a brand in the transportation market not only in Pakistan but also the region.”

She continued, “The enhanced capabilities of Trace9® align perfectly with our vision for expansion and growth, enabling us to meet the dynamic demands of road automation.”

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The partnership signifies a significant step forward in enhancing Pakistan’s motorway infrastructure, promising improved efficiency and service delivery for commuters across the nation.

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