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Reshma Chooses Peace of Mind Over Marriage-Induced Chaos

Discover Lollywood actress Resham’s candid views on marriage and mental health in a recent TV show. She emphasizes the importance of peace of mind over tying the knot, expressing concern about the rising divorce rates in the showbiz industry. Please find out more about her take on relationships and her search for the right partner.

Reshma Chooses Peace of Mind Over Marriage-Induced Chaos

Famous actress Resham from Lollywood shared that she doesn’t want to get married because it might disturb her peace of mind. Recently, Resham, along with actors Ahmed Ali Akbar and Amna Ilyas, appeared as guests on a private TV channel’s show called “Gossip.”

The host, Wasay Chaudhry, asked the guests about marriage during the show. Ahmed Ali Akbar expressed his intention to get married soon. However, Resham explained that she values her mental health and peace more than marriage. She mentioned that she has observed many marriages around her breaking up quickly, causing stress.

Resham shared her concern, stating that today’s marriages seem to take away peace of mind, and she gets nervous when she sees marriages falling apart. The conversation then turned to Amna Ilyas and Ahmed Ali Akbar, with the host asking if they wanted to get married and go crazy. Amna Ilyas jokingly said, “I want to be crazy,” while Ahmed Ali Akbar replied, “I am already crazy.”

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It’s important to note that in a previous interview, Resham had expressed her fear of getting married within the showbiz industry due to the high divorce rates among actors. She mentioned being saddened by the divorces of Sajal Ali and Ahad, as well as Imran Ashraf and Kiran Ashfaq. Resham continues to pray for a good fortune in finding a suitable partner but hasn’t found the right person yet.

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