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Research Indicates that the Smell of Women’s Tears Can Decrease Men’s Hostility

Discover the surprising impact of women’s tears on reducing men’s aggression. Recent research shows a 44% decrease in hostility and altered brain circuits when exposed to the scent of emotional tears. Explore the chemical connection and potential implications for nonverbal communication.

Research Indicates that the Smell of Women's Tears Can Decrease Men's Hostility

New research suggests that the smell of women’s tears can make men less aggressive. A recent study found that when men were exposed to the scent of women’s tears, their hostility decreased by 44%. The tears also changed brain activity in areas associated with aggression and smell, according to a study published in PLOS Biology.

The study indicates that crying may have a calming effect in groups, explaining why humans cry, a longstanding evolutionary mystery. Tears contain social signaling chemicals, which are also present in tears of mammals. For example, male rodent tears can influence the behavior of female mice and even affect pregnancy outcomes.

In the human study, researchers had men play an aggressive video game while being exposed to emotional tears from female donors. The men who smelled the tears behaved 43.7% less aggressively compared to those who sniffed a control solution. Brain imaging showed a decrease in activity in areas linked to anger.

Senior scientist Joam Sobel explained that tears activate olfactory receptors and alter aggression-related brain circuits, significantly reducing aggressive behavior. The researchers believe this chemical effect of tears might be crucial in nonverbal communication, especially for infants who rely on hormonal cues for defense.

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The study adds to existing research highlighting the significant role gender plays in human violence. The authors plan to extend their research to include women to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how tears may modify aggressive tendencies in both genders.

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