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Ramadan Relief Package Launched At Utility Stores

A special help program for Ramadan has started in Utility stores. They are giving discounts on 19 items. The authorities say this program will cost 5 billion Rupees. They are giving discounts in two ways: one for specific people and another for everyone. Tea will be sold for less than 100 rupees per kg, and milk will be cheaper than the market price. Gram flour and dates will also be available at a low price of 50 rupees per kg.

Ramadan Relief Package Launched At Utility Stores

People connected to BISP can buy subsidized items. For example, a 10kg bag of flour that usually costs 400 rupees will be sold for less to BISP cardholders. Other subsidized items include 1kg sugar for 70 rupees and 1kg of cooking oil for 300 rupees. The utility store authorities mention that the prices will be higher for those who are not part of the subsidy program.

Utility Stores to Give Discounts on These Products in Ramadan

The utility store authorities say that the 10kg flour bag will be sold for 648 rupees, 1kg sugar for 91 rupees, and 1 litre oil packet for 490 rupees. Other items like 1kg rice will be sold for 20 rupees less than the market price, cooking oil for 25 rupees less, and pulses for 20 rupees less.

Ramadan Relief Package at Utility Stores Starting Today

The Ramadan relief package at utility stores is set to begin on March 20, providing discounts on 19 essential items for consumers across Pakistan, as per ARY News. The total Ramadan relief package is Rs5 billion, starting on March 20.

Ramadan relief package launched at Utility stores

Citizens under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) will receive Rs1.15 billion in relief, while general consumers will get Rs3.84 billion in relief. For those facing poverty, there will be a Rs100 subsidy on ghee, Rs52 on flour, and Rs30 on sugar. A 10 kg bag of flour will be priced at Rs400, ghee and sugar at Rs70 and Rs300 per kg, respectively.

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Ramadan Package at unitality Store

Ordinary consumers will receive a subsidy of Rs27 on flour, Rs11 on sugar, and Rs25 per kg on ghee. The 10 kg bag of flour will be available for Rs648, while ghee and sugar will be priced at Rs490 and Rs89 per kg. In addition, all consumers will benefit from a Rs20 per kg subsidy on pulses, Rs25 on cooking oil, gram flour, and dates, along with 15 to 30 percent relief on beverages.

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