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Ramadan 2024: Sehri and Iftar Time Today in Pakistan – 21st March

As the tenth day of Ramadan unfolds across Pakistan, Muslims engage in the cherished traditions of sehri and iftar, each moment rich with significance and connection.

Ramadan 2024: Sehri and Iftar Time Today in Pakistan – 21st March

Sehri, the pre-dawn meal before the world awakens, holds special importance for families. It’s a time for quiet contemplation, for sharing blessings, and for strengthening familial bonds.

As the sun sets, signaling the end of another day’s fast, anticipation for iftar fills the air. It’s a moment of joy, of breaking fast together with loved ones, and expressing gratitude for sustenance.

Though the exact timings for sehri and iftar may vary depending on the location in Pakistan, the essence of these rituals remains consistent: a time for love, community, and spiritual growth.

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Below are the Sehri and Iftar times for major cities across the country: [Please insert specific timings based on available data]

10th Ramadan — 21 March 2024

City Sehri Time Today Iftar Time Today
Islamabad/Rawalpindi 4:48 AM 6:20 PM
Lahore 4:45 AM 6:15 PM
Karachi 5:19 AM 6:44 PM
Peshawar 4:53 AM 6:26 PM
Quetta 5:16 AM 6:44 PM
Faisalabad 4:50 AM 6:20 PM
Multan 4:57 AM 6:26 PM
Bahawalpur 4:57 AM 6:25 PM
Gujranwala 4:50 AM 6:20 PM
Hyderabad 5:14 AM 6:38 PM
Sukkur 5:10 AM 6:37 PM

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