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Rahim Yar Khan Triumphs in Sibbi Kabaddi Tournament

“Discover the excitement of the All-Pakistan Kabaddi Tournament in Balochistan! Read about the thrilling final match, cultural exhibitions, and how sports are bringing positive change, thanks to FC Balochistan (North). Stay updated on the latest sports news!”

Rahim Yar Khan wins All-Pakistan Kabaddi Tournament in Sibbi

A big Kabaddi Tournament took place in the Sibbi district of Balochistan, Pakistan. FC Balochistan (North) organized the event. It lasted for a week, and eight teams from different cities joined in. Many local people, like tribal elders, students, and players from universities and colleges, came to watch.

The final match was between Rahim Yar Khan Club and Khan Khudaye Marghzani Club. Rahim Yar Khan Club won after an exciting game. The winning team and players got prizes and trophies. People were very excited during the final match.

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After the game, there were other activities like tent pegging and cultural exhibitions. Everyone enjoyed them a lot. Players and local people praised FC Balochistan (North) for organizing the sports event. They think having sports events in Balochistan will encourage young people to follow positive paths.

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