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Quetta Police Detain PTI Activist Khadija Shah

Quetta police detain Khadija Shah, a prominent PTI activist, leading to legal developments. Stay informed on the latest updates surrounding her arrest.

Quetta Police Detain PTI Activist Khadija Shah

In Lahore, the Quetta police arrested a PTI supporter named Khadija Shah after the Punjab government canceled the order to keep her in custody. The police in Quetta took Khadija Shah into custody and requested permission from the Anti-Terrorism Court to hold her for two days.

The court approved this request. They were instructed to bring Khadija Shah to the relevant court within two days.

The Quetta police explained that they needed more time to question Khadija Shah and requested a three-day extension from the anti-terrorism court in Quetta.

Earlier, the Punjab government had canceled the detention order for Khadija Shah. The official document stating this decision was supposed to be presented in court by the public prosecutor.

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It’s important to mention that Khadija Shah’s husband, Jahanzeb Amin, has taken the matter to the High Court, challenging the detention.

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