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Punjab’s Private Medical Colleges Selection List: January 8th

“Discover the latest admissions news from the University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Lahore. Get insights on the release of selection lists for private medical and dental colleges in Punjab, along with important guidelines and precautions for aspiring students. Stay informed about the centralized admission process and protect your rights as a candidate with UHS updates.”

Punjab's Private Medical Colleges Selection List: January 8th

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Lahore will publish a list on January 08, showing which students are accepted into private medical and dental colleges in Punjab. The list will be organized by colleges, and it will include 4,000 seats for MBBS and 1,025 seats for BDS.

Students who choose to follow the centralized admission policy need to be careful, as the UHS has issued a warning. If they face any losses, it will be their own responsibility.

Once the list is out, students must pay the required fee within three days if they find their name on it. They also need to confirm in writing that they will join the college they are selected for.

The UHS emphasizes that private colleges must follow its rules for collecting fees. Colleges have legally committed, through an affidavit, to follow the rules of the university and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council regarding fee refunds or transfers. Colleges with this affidavit can collect the entire fee from admitted candidates.

UHS to Release Private Medical College Selection List on Jan 8

If a student upgrades to a different college in later selection lists, the original college must transfer the full fee to the new college without any deductions.

The list of colleges that have submitted the affidavit will be revealed with the first selection list. Candidates will deposit their fees directly to these authorized colleges. Colleges without the affidavit cannot collect fees directly from candidates. Instead, the UHS will collect a token fee (Rs1 million for open merit seats and US$ 10,000 for foreign seats) to protect the rights of admitted candidates. After the admission process is complete, this amount will be transferred to the relevant college’s account.

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A spokesperson from the UHS has clarified that private medical and dental colleges cannot independently admit students. Only candidates admitted through the centralized system by the UHS will be officially recognized as “admitted.” Any candidate who independently gets admission to a private medical or dental college, either through deception or personal choice, and pays fees, will not be considered admitted. Such candidates will be responsible for their losses, according to the spokesperson.

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