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Punjab Unveils Winter Break Resolution and Adjusted School Schedules

Stay informed on Punjab’s school reopening plans! Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi announces no more extensions to winter holidays. Concerns rise over health risks in the extreme cold. Revised school timings revealed. Stay warm and updated!

Punjab Unveils Winter Break Resolution and Adjusted School Schedules

The leader of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, said on Monday that schools and colleges in Punjab won’t have more days off for winter. He talked to the news after looking at different projects in the city and said that schools will open as planned and follow their usual schedules. Latest News About Winter Vacations In Punjab.

The schools and colleges are supposed to open on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, after an extra-long winter break. Some people in Punjab want the government to change this and give more time off because of heavy fog and very cold weather.

Punjab Announces Decision on Winter Holidays and New School Timings

Before this, the Punjab government had already added more days to the winter break until January 9, 2024. However, Mohsin Naqvi, the leader for now, said they haven’t decided yet if they will add more days or not. He mentioned that they might think about it based on suggestions from the education department.

the latest news about a vacation in Punjab 2024

Because of a lot of smog, especially in Lahore and other cities where the air is not good, Chief Minister Naqvi agreed that many people on social media were unhappy. People are worried about the students, especially the younger ones, getting sick because of the extremely cold weather in Punjab.

Today News about School Closing In Pakistan 2024

Some people say it’s really important to think again about not giving more days off for winter, considering the possible health dangers for students in such cold weather.

Latest News About School Holidays In Punjab 2024 Extended

The leader also said that from January 10 to January 22, schools will start at 9:30 AM, and it’s a good idea for everyone to wear warm clothes.

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