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Punjab University Uncovers Third Fake Housing Development: Warns Against Unauthorized Use of University Name

In a recent revelation reported by 24News, Punjab University has uncovered yet another fraudulent housing development falsely affiliated with the institution. Operating under the guise of the Punjab University Administrative and Technical Staff Association, certain employees have been marketing documents for a housing project named ‘Education City Lahore,’ purportedly associated with the university.

unjab University Uncovers Third Fake Housing Development: Warns Against Unauthorized Use of University Name

This unauthorized venture has raised concerns as university personnel have been unlawfully leveraging Punjab University’s name, emblem, and facilities to promote ‘Education City Lahore.’ However, Punjab University has swiftly clarified that it has neither authorized nor endorsed any such private endeavor. The university administration has cautioned against engaging in any transactions related to this project.

The housing venture, launched under pretenses, lacks proper approval from the Punjab University administration and syndicate. Moreover, this is not the first instance of such deceitful activities. Previously, another counterfeit development named ‘PU Town 2’ was established, also falsely associated with Punjab University.

Responding to these alarming developments, Punjab University has reaffirmed its commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical standards in all its dealings. The university has vowed to take stringent legal and administrative actions against those found complicit in perpetrating fraudulent schemes under its name.

Furthermore, Punjab University has urged all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and the general public, to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or unauthorized use of the university’s name or resources. It emphasizes the importance of protecting the university’s reputation and integrity against exploitation by unauthorized entities.

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As investigations continue into these fraudulent housing schemes, Punjab University remains steadfast in its efforts to safeguard its identity and uphold the trust of its community members.

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