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Punjab to Give 10,000 E-Bikes to Students

“Punjab government’s groundbreaking initiative! Providing 10,000 E-Bikes to students for eco-friendly commuting. Discover how the Bank of Punjab’s student loan program is making electric motorcycles accessible. Join the movement towards sustainable transportation!”

Punjab to Give 10,000 E-Bikes to Students

The government of Punjab wants to help students by giving them 10,000 E-Bikes from different schools. This is to help with environmental issues in the main city of the province.

They want more people to use electric vehicles, which are good for the environment. The Bank of Punjab is working with the government on a plan. They will give students a loan so they can buy electric motorcycles. Students can pay back the loan in two years with a small amount of interest, not more than six percent.

Important people, like the Chairman of the P&D Board Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, talked about these ideas in a meeting. The meeting was led by the Provincial Minister for Planning and Development, Bilal Afzal.

The transportation department told students what they needed to do to get an electric motorcycle from brands like Honda.

Minister Bilal Afzal said this e-bike plan is a test by the government. They want to see if people like it and use electric bikes more. Afzal told the committee to make a plan that makes sense and is not too expensive. They will show the plan to the Chief Minister and the cabinet for approval.

Afzal said it’s important to check and control the program to make sure it works well. In the first step, the Bank of Punjab will use a voting process to give e-bikes to students who qualify.

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Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, Chairman of the P&D Board, told important departments to work together. They want to start giving e-bikes to students in big towns like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Faisalabad. This is for both male and female students.

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