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Punjab Police Rejected Candidates List 2024 Download

The Punjab Police has shared the names of candidates who were not chosen for various jobs. This list is called the “Rejected and Objection Candidates List 2024.” You can find it on the official website If you applied for jobs like Punjab Police Constable, Lady Constable, Traffic Police Officer, SPU, wireless operator, or Driver Constable, you should check if your district has rejected or objected to your application. The list is organized district-wise for 2024.

Punjab Police Rejected and Objection Candidates List 2024

The Punjab Police has prepared the Rejected and Objection Candidates List 2024, which will be shown on February 23, 2024. The main reason for rejection is insufficient experience or qualifications. If candidates do not meet the minimum requirements, they are automatically disqualified. For the position of Jail Warden, knowledge and experience are crucial, and those who do not meet these criteria will not be selected. Additionally, candidates may face rejection if they fail the physical fitness test.

Punjab Police 2024 Selection and Rejection Information

Title  Punjab Police List 2024
Rejected List Announcement Date  22nd February 2024
Physical Test Commencement  25th February 2024
Check the Rejected List Online Click Here
Check the Objection List Online Click Here

Punjab Police Rejected Candidates List 2024

The rejected candidates list for 2024 was announced on February 21, 2024. Lack of experience or qualifications is the main reason for rejection. If applicants don’t meet the minimum requirements for the job, they are automatically disqualified. The job of a Jail Warden requires knowledge and experience, so those who don’t meet these criteria are not selected.

Punjab Police Rejected and Objection Candidates List

Punjab Police Rejected and Objection Candidates List 2024

Another reason for rejection is the inability to pass the physical fitness exam. Candidates for the jail warden position must be physically fit to carry out their tasks effectively. This move by the Punjab Police aims to bring more transparency to the recruitment process.

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Intelligence Operator (BPS-07) Rejected Candidates List

The lists of selected and rejected candidates for Punjab Police vacancies are available for download in PDF format on the official website. These lists detail the reasons for rejection, including failures in written exams, physical tests, and medical examinations.

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Punjab Police Rejected Candidates List 2024

You can visit the website to check if your name is on the Punjab Police Objections Lists and understand the reasons behind your rejection. Many candidates who failed exams, such as those for Constable/Lady Constable, Traffic Police, SPU, Wireless Operator, and Driver Constable, are concerned about their rejection.

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