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Punjab Government Officially Extends Winter Break for Schools

“Stay informed on Punjab’s extended winter vacations until January 10, 2024, due to severe weather and smog. Get the latest updates on school reopening and educational developments in the region.”

Punjab Government Officially Extends Winter Break for Schools

Winter vacations in Punjab, including Lahore, will now last until January 10, 2024, as announced by the school education department. A notification has been issued, instructing all educational institutions to resume classes on Monday, January 10.

The extension of the holidays is due to the severe weather conditions and the concerning level of smog. The Lahore High Court has also directed the education department to inform everyone about the extended winter vacations.

Winter Vacations extended in Punjab

Winter Vacations extended in Punjab

The School Education Department released a notification confirming the extension, stating, “In continuation of this department’s notification of even No. dated 01.12.2023, winter vacations in all Public and Private schools in the province of Punjab are hereby extended up to 09.01.2023.”

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It’s important to note that this notification applies specifically to schools in Punjab, and there has been no information about extensions for winter breaks in colleges and universities from the government.

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