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Punjab Government Introduces New Online Application for Learner’s Driving License

Explore the convenience of Punjab’s new online app for obtaining Learner’s Driving Licenses. Streamlined, user-friendly, and accessible from the comfort of your home. Apply easily and efficiently with the latest initiative from the Punjab Government.

Punjab Government Introduces New Online Application for Learner's Driving License

The Punjab government has just announced a new plan to make it easier for people to get driving licenses. They want to make the process simple and fast for everyone. Starting from December 10th, people in Punjab can apply for Learner’s Driving Licenses in different places like Patrol Posts, Khidmat Markaz, and Police Stations, and online using a new mobile app called the ‘Online Learner Web App’.

This new online system will be easy to use, and people can apply for licenses from their homes without waiting in long lines. It’s supposed to be better and more user-friendly than the old system from 2003.

The ‘Online Learner Web App’ will be available from 6:00 pm on December 10th. This app will make the application and testing process simpler for Punjab citizens who want Learner’s Driving Licenses.

Starting from December 11th, the Punjab government will also allow people to renew regular driving licenses, get duplicate licenses, and obtain international licenses online through the Punjab police app. This will make things even more convenient for people all over the province.

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This effort is a big step towards helping people get driving licenses easily. The new system is expected to save time and make things less complicated for those applying, and it will also contribute to making the roads safer in the province.

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