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Punjab Excise Department Initiates Crackdown on Tax-Defaulting Vehicles

In a bid to bolster tax compliance and revenue collection, the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab has announced stringent measures against tax-defaulting vehicles. Commencing from April onwards, the department plans to cancel registrations of vehicles that have defaulted on taxes for three or more years, targeting an estimated figure exceeding a thousand vehicles by Eid ul Fitr.

Punjab Excise Department Initiates Crackdown on Tax-Defaulting Vehicles

Director of Excise and Taxation Lahore Region C, Muhammad Asif, stressed the significance of this crackdown, emphasizing the need to ensure tax compliance across the board. As part of the enforcement strategy, red warning stickers will be prominently displayed on defaulting vehicles, serving as an initial warning sign of non-compliance. Additionally, vehicle owners will receive reminders via the Excise Department’s call center, providing them with a final opportunity to settle outstanding dues.

Muhammad Asif further outlined proactive measures undertaken by the department, including the dispatch of reminders for token tax payments to an additional one million vehicle owners via mobile messages. Of particular concern are bank-leased vehicles, with Asif highlighting instances where banks collect installments but fail to promptly pay token taxes.

Expressing apprehension over potential inconveniences faced by non-compliant vehicle owners, Asif cautioned that vehicles found in default may be detained on the road until outstanding taxes are settled. He urged citizens to fulfill their tax obligations promptly and advised drivers to ensure their vehicles were duly registered with the Excise Department before hitting the road.

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The crackdown underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing tax compliance and revenue generation, with authorities poised to take decisive action against tax evasion in the transportation sector.

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