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Punjab Educational Boards Shift Matric Exam Format

The schools in Punjab are making an important change to help students get better at English and match global standards. They plan to have all matriculation exams in English for both science and arts subjects starting in 2025.

Punjab educational boards change mode of matric exams result

To make things the same for everyone, they will gradually remove Urdu from the question papers in all subjects. Additionally, starting in 2026, all optional subjects for FA exams will also be in English.


Even though the formal approval for this plan is not final, educational leaders are optimistic it will be approved during the Punjab Boards Committee Chairmen (PBCC) meeting.

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However, Rana Liaqat Ali, the General Secretary of the Punjab Teachers Union, is worried about challenges that might come up during this language change. He thinks it’s important to train teachers well so the transition goes smoothly and to reduce the chances of students struggling because of language differences.

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