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PTI Chairman Declares 70% Popular Support for the Party

“Explore a simplified summary of PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar’s concerns about fundamental rights and the Election Commission, as he addresses issues related to the party’s symbol and intra-party elections. Ali Zafar emphasizes fairness and adherence to constitutional principles in this concise overview.”

PTI Chairman Declares 70% Popular Support for the Party

Barrister Gohar, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), shared that right now, 70% of the people support PTI. He spoke to the media alongside Ali Zafar outside the Election Commission. Barrister Gohar expressed concern that taking away PTI’s symbol, the bat would violate the fundamental rights of 70% of the people.

Ali Zafar added that they trust the Election Commission as a constitutional institution, but feel there’s unfairness with arrests of their supporters. Ali Zafar emphasized the Election Commission’s responsibility and suggested that rejecting applications instead of issuing notices would have been proper.

He mentioned that elections were held as per the constitution and refuted claims of being elected unopposed, stating the Election Act 2017 only requires the Commission to confirm if the election took place.

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Ali Zafar also mentioned the Supreme Court’s decision not to change the election date and emphasized PTI’s adherence to intra-party election rules. He questioned the legitimacy of someone not affiliated with the party participating in the intra-party election process.

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